Trees Of Paradise

A true story of rainforest hope co-written with Nigel Hughes

Marooned up a dangerous river in the heart of Borneo Ric Edelman and Nigel Hughes are defeated in their first attempt to find untouched, virgin rainforest. In Papua New Guinea, undaunted they push their way with local clansmen through the steaming Hunstein Range. There they experience first-hand the terror and splendour of primal nature: giant trees, mythical birds of paradise, crocodile rivers and electric blue butterflies. Crossing an almost inaccessible swamp they find a people hardly touched by Western civilisation.

Then they learn that the entire region is earmarked for a vast logging operation and are catapulted into a journey of a different kind. How can the trees of paradise be spared? Can one of the great forests of this world be saved? It starts with a knock on the Premier’s door. Travelling for days by dugout canoe, village by village, they alert the tribes-people to the impending fate of their forest. They win the trust of Kiawi, the Luluai (leader) of the remotest village and develop a long-lasting friendship with Matthew, the 13-year-old boy who had just inherited a vast tract of the rainforest.

This is a true adventure of two blokes following their dreams. A true story of stupidity, courage, and leadership. A true account of overcoming adversity, planting seeds of hope and manifesting a vision.

This book can inspire each one of us to follow our dreams - to make a significant difference.

Originally published by Green Press 1992. Republished as an eBook by Peach Publishing Ltd August 2020.
eBook version includes a new Afterword section to bring the reader up to date + extra photos. View at

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What people have said

  • This could not be more topical. I devoured this true tale of adventure, spirit, human nature, dedication and passion. I finished feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Save the rainforest!

  • I loved this book. It's engaging to read and full of interesting details of life in the forest in Papua New Guinea. It's very topical, with a strong environmentalist message. I especially loved the extra chapter at the end that brings the story up to date.

  • A true story of heart driven will, unconditional determination and open mindedness. And whilst, as a reader we experience the privilege of discovery through these awe inspiring windows; we meet another world, a world of beauty and wonder, danger and deprivation that these two adventurers have had the insight to explore and help.
    A marvellous read, thank you. And may we be reminded that good deeds always need revisiting and revitalising, lest they be engulfed once again and lost forever in the world of corporate greed.

  • A very important book. Topical and critical information. It brings facts and understand from the source. This book has the ability to move you, stir you and shift you to action. Priceless and essential for all generations and generations to come.

  • Amazing, beautifully told journey of unchartered discovery, true connection and environmental wisdom.

  • I really enjoyed the detailed description, rich imagery and sense of adventure. It was like being there with you. Thank you so much.

  • This is an important and captivating book. I read trees of paradise a couple of years ago and was hooked by its dynamic interplay between its two main characters, scintillating imagery of the Rainforest while relating always to the main issue of the book. If you haven’t read this book then you need to.

  • What a fabulous book! Two men who had a dream and vision to do something that is fundamentally saving part of our planet and who worked relentlessly with such passion and conviction. In these challenging covid times this book truly lifted my spirits and inspired me - fantastic read and highly recommend it.

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