The Jewish One

The Jewish One


Cast 3 - 2F / 1M

Setting The Cafeteria at London’s Victoria Railway Station / mid 1980s


THE JEWISH ONE is based on a delving into my Jewish family history, and though at an early stage of creation, the research to date points to a story of immigration, denial, intolerance, loss and betrayal.

It is the 1980s. A sister and brother meet in the cafeteria at Victoria Railway Station. She is 70; he is 80. She is an Anglican nun; he a retired principle of a College of Theosophy. She has a secret to share with him. He needs to know that she has disposed of a letter.

Her secret is that she wants to leave the Order and return to the bosom of the family – in Israel. His letter is a confessional that tries to explain why he has turned his back on her.

What are the deeper bonds that tie them together? What are the circumstances and twists of fate that have pulled them apart? Can the shame and pain of the past be healed? At the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute, is atonement still possible?

Over cheap coffee and cake, they reach stalemate. The brother is dead against her leaving the Order and the sister refuses to tear up the precious letter.

Outside, the loudspeaker announces the endless departures and arrivals. Over their table hangs a feeble tinsel attempt at Christmas. But the sister is dreaming of Hanukah and the fundamental truths that bind all religions together; while the brother is fighting back an unbearable anguish....

Hailing from Lithuania (then Polish Russia), they have only met a handful of times in the last 60 years. Will today’s rendezvous bring them closer? Or will it tear them still further apart?

Why does it matter?


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