Cheetah - The Movie

Cheetah - Play

Rangers and Poachers are living and fighting at the crossroads in a battle between nature and human nature.

We follow Hassan, Director of the Cheetah Reserve, who is doing all he can to mediate and resolve the enormous social, environmental, and political conflicts. His case is supported by the visit of an Irish Photographer who is out to get his ‘killer pic’ of the rare Asiatic Cheetah in the wild & remote eastern deserts of Iran; exclusively for the front page of his International Wildlife Magazine.

A young Iranian village schoolgirl, inspired by her visiting Art Teacher from Tehran, is determined to uncover the mystery behind something untoward going on – even within her own family.

We are taken on a thrilling ride as we sense that the CHEETAH is a conduit for us; to resolve in ourselves the internal and external battle for truth, understanding, and harmony.

8 Iranian Conservationists involved in protecting the Asiatic Cheetah are currently being detained.

Inspired by real events that are prevalent in Iran right now, CHEETAH tells the story of how Persia’s “Jewel in the Crown” - the Asiatic Cheetah - is fighting for its survival.



The stage play version of Cheetah was written before the film with the same main characters but a slightly different thrust to the narrative.

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  • Rena Owen, Polywood Productions

    It is a great and important story with awesome visuals, colorful rich characters, solid relationships, and it has a lot of soul and a very big heart! It ticks a lot of cinema boxes...

  • Thomas Strudwick, Director of Film, AUB, and Screenwriter Consultant

    I enjoyed the read. It's well-written, the setting is fresh and exciting and the story is packed with incident - there is so much going on!

  • L.A. Screenwriter, Christopher Brian Halvorson

    He is a talented writer with a lot of charm – even though the topic is tragic... Once it got going I was engaged in the story. It has a lot of great things working for it... Most projects gain traction because of the concept. You have a great concept!